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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Because you (and the zillion other people) are at a different place in your six maturities. And not everyone is at the same place at the same time.

Adults might all look "adult" from their outsides but not everyone develops in all their maturities at the same rate. Chronological and physical maturities are the only ones that come "automatic" at the same rate for everyone. Every birthday clocked leads to automatic growth in those. Intellectual, emotional, social, and philosophical maturities have to be worked at to grow.

I'm with BG -- not everyone knows how. They come here for support and who knows how old the other person is on the other side, their background, personality, education level, culture, native language, environment etc. are/have been.

I'm not trying to dumb anything down -- I'm trying to find common ground and common language. If I get too corny sometimes doing that... ah, well. I enjoy corny humor at times and sometimes it falls flat. *shrug*

Again, I'm not trying to argue. YMMV -- I find thinking of things that way as helpful to me. Some won't find that approach useful. C'est la vie.

I agree with you. If you take for example my parents; both well in their fifties, successful business people both, not stupid in general. Yet when it comes to "the golden rule" they have a very literal view point. If they like it, everybody should like it. If they find something weird, it IS weird.

They feel that because they appreciate it when people ask for help, they always say yes, everybody should feel that way. Personally, I feel much more comfortable asking for help when I know people feel free to say no as well.

Because they want to be successful in business, everybody should want to want to be successful in business.

Golden rule doesn't work for them. Although, platinum rule wouldn't work either, because they refuse to conceive of the notion that other people might want other things, or find other things important...
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