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Default Maybe it is time to just have it out and deal with it

But perhaps it should be kept within the context of how it fits into the lives of poly people.

My point is, that anybody who has problems allowing families with a same sex pair as the heads of a family's household, to the point where they attempt to force the govt. to write law that explicitly makes it illegal for gay families to benefit from equal privileges as straight committed people, will not ever be able to recognize the commitments of more than two adults at the head of a families household.

That contrary to the surface of his writing, is a very serious subtle underlying meaning which is extremely anti-poly, or at least anti-poly in regards to recognizing the legal aspects of allowing people to commit to more than one person. Because of the many ways the Constitution protects each and every citizen, and due to the fact that a person's legal rights change once they enter committed relationships, specifically marriage, these are very real and inevitable problems that poly people will be faced with in the very near future.

Because of his political views, and his extremely passive aggressive way of communicating, I do not view his writing as good advice nor a good model to follow for anybody new or looking into practicing polyamory.

I don't think Franklin had anything to do with the Boston Marathon bombing, however I firmly believe his ignorance and failure to be straight forward, are actually good examples of behavior which contribute to the problems of having a population of very confused people. It is relevant because of the fact that confusion and the problem of not understanding the facts of reality in this world is at the root of the larger problems the world faces these days.

Do you have anything you wish to seriously discuss?
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