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You are a wise woman LR anf I am grateful you understand my journey in the way you do.
I learned a great deal from you and yours my friend. Give yourself some credit there! If it weren't for you, many of these lessons would never have been learned in our family.

I have been walking, talking, moving through the feelings and telling Mono every step of the way. We are making plans as a family and together and that has helped. That was Mono's plan and he was right. It has.
Good job.

He's left me two notes. I went and got them. Both expressing love and a future together and that I should hold on. I am and I will.
This made me cry. I know it's silly-but seriously-I KEPT thinking about you needing to go for a walk/jog whatever and re-connect with that. I think those posts about your runs were about the same time I joined this board. They touched me so deeply.
I am proud of you for pushing through the hard stuff RP. You ARE an amazing woman.

The compost is piled high. Must be spring. It will make some beautiful soil in time.
Yes it will.

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I've spent time with both Derby, Brad and several other people these last weeks. The strength of friendship is building again I think and plans for the summer beginning to be made. Its been quite a spring. I'm looking forward to new beginnings and stretching my circle of friends and spending time with chosen family. First good morning in a long time. And I still missed sleep (Mono coughing all night with a cold this time).
YAY for new beginnings. Sorry that Mono was coughing all night. Maca snores. LOL. Some nights I just have to go to the couch cause I just can't handle it.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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