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I'm very tall for a woman. 5'11" to be precise - women on both sides of my family are quite tall. I have a fairly large frame, but I'm in good shape - I weigh 150 lbs. Shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes and a pair of 36C breasts. I've been told that I have great legs.

My wife (who intends to sort of share this account with me, so I might as well give a description of her - also, I like to brag about the very sexy woman I'm having sex with on a nightly basis) is short, about 5'1" or so. She's got a small frame, but her breasts are almost comically large for her. She has long, black hair, very expressive brown eyes. She's going to be 31 in a few days, but she could pass for about 18 if she tried. She's an absolute knockout.
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