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Anne, I pm'd you about my hobby blog

To lighten things up, let me add a fun poly tidbit.

Ren was on a date with Lou a couple of days ago. They were at a restaurant, hadn't seen each other for a couple of weeks, and there were some very obvious PDA's (so he told me later).
He texts me at some point and said 'X [my (Cleo's) boss] is sitting at a table next to us! holding hands with Y! [the woman my boss had an affair with a couple of years ago, the affair that ultimately led to his divorce - all these things are public knowledge but officially a secret].'

So I was thinking about this.. I'm out to a lot of people at work, but I doubt the info has gotten through to my boss. I like him and we get a long well. I really don't want him to think that Ren is having an affair. So I texted him and said 'Ren told me you 2 saw each other the other day. Just to be clear, Ren and I are doing great, and so are we and some other people in our lives.'

He texted me back immediately and said that he had not drawn any conclusions yet (yeah right) but thanked me for the message, and ended with a

I never ever want to lie or be secretive about anything ever again in my life. Being honest is SO much more fun!
Cleo - forties straight female
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