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MeeraReed's points about ED gave me some stuff to gnaw on too. I also have to say that I keep wondering what your hobby blog is about, can't help it... I follow some blogs in my hobby that are in english and the persons native language, sigh. Must want more poly fellow bloggers...

I am biased, but yes, when a partner says something is important to them, but isn't DOING anything about it, it doesn't feel very important. I've seen my husband's ED respond well to regular excercise or stretching but then he stops and insists there is no correlation. Not sure what you'll end up doing, but if I knew 8 years ago what I know now (and was getting a pretty good idea about 2 years into our relationship) I would've made decisions that kept me from feeling conflicted and stressed and unwanted this whole time. I see you mention being anxious in a lot of your posts lately, I'll keep my fingers crossed you have figured out what you want to handle or not by the time you two see each other.
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