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Default How do I come out as Poly to Coworkers/Religious Family/Friends?

First of all, I don't live at home anymore and I am able to support myself. In order to avoid conflict and a bad home life as a teenager, I waited until I was out of the house to come clean to my family about some things. But now it feels like I just keep dropping bombs on them. They spent the first 18 years of my life thinking I was one way, and in the last two years I've had to explain that I am an atheist, that I had a girlfriend, and then that I was Pansexual! So, my very conservative catholic family is getting pretty tired of my announcements.


I was wondering if anyone had any advise on how to tell my parents and family about Polyamory.

How do I explain Poly to people who's religion condemns it as sin?

And on that note, What is an appropriate way/time to come out as poly to people who are interested in dating you? To new friends? How about coworkers?

Andy advise/personal stories are appreciated!
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