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Default Thank you!!!

Thank you all so much for your input! This past week has been a huge decision making week for me, and your replies have helped me a great deal! If anyone cares to know what happened, my boyfriend and I are broken up for good. We had a long serious talk about what we wanted now and in the future and resolved that we just don't make sense as a couple.We are just too different. And frankly, his transphobia makes me sick too. On another note C and I have been dating almost five months now. We have become much closer and I feel really great about our blossoming relationship. We seem to be making a good couple because, aside from all the small things we have in common, he is much more open minded and completely Poly like me.

Oh, and that trans woman I mentioned? I asked her out on a date because of my new found freedom and she said "Finally! Of course!" So, wish me luck!
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