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Default You sound like you genuinely do care Anabel

Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Wait, ok, I was staying out of this but then I looked at the Veaux article, and found the part where he mentions Carbon-14, and he got the stuff about coal by-products being more radioactive than nuclear waste from a Scientific American article which was quoting an actual scientist. He directly quoted the article, which he also linked to. He wasn't making it up just because he likes to lie??? I mean, I'm no expert, maybe that scientist that provided the info for the article that he quoted was wrong, but this is not a case of some asshole making up a fact for fun?
About what it is I sound nonsensical about, people get paid a lot of money in attempt to legitimize the assertions made by publications like Science daily dot com scientific American dot com, and Nature dot com (which used to be a legitimate scientific journal) The authors of those articles do their best to keep it technically accurate, but it is outright false. Nothing but political bullshit which is extremely expensive to legitimize and takes an enormous coordinated effort by people like Franklin who know exactly how full of crap the words are.

He isn't liberal and his seemingly pro-equal rights attitude towards LGBT people is a complete hoax. He is the typical bigoted right winger who when it comes down to it, doesn't believe in freedom other that what Republicans dictate, he gets an awful lot of money to play the part he does.

I am angry and bitter, but not for refusing the money, although it adds fuel to my fire, but because I honestly believe that most if not all the worlds problems have something as simple as dishonesty as the root cause. These are problems that I believe are easily fixed.

But I will admit I personally feel betrayed, even by people I've never met, when their truth has a price, I know how easy it is to rationalize that you aren't really doing anything wrong, they are just little white lies, and look how much better my life is now that I do not struggle to pay my bills...

well I have a completely different viewpoint.

I have to be careful what I say Marcus, and if you had been harrassed by uniformed police officers you would be intimidated too. They can and do ruin peoples lives, and I still haven't come to grips with the fact that putting a spot to it peacefully, will likely mean my life becomes a casualty. I know it is the right thing to do, to continue on like those before me, but it doesn't make it any easier when you know that they will likely retaliate and "deal" with me.

I keep praying and believing something will click and the world will come to it's senses, but I know the only right thing to do is to continue on, regardless of what will happen, because so long as I am only doing right, not hurting one, and going forwardly peacefully, I have faith it will not be for nothing. Eventually standing up for what is right will pay off, because there will eventually be a world where my children, or my children's children can live there life free from ever having worry about how can we peacefully stop those who do wrong from harming others.
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