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Default The big deal is

there is an awful lot of money made by those who are willing post Republican propaganda. Especially when it's comes across like he is liberal leaning. He is a fraud. And anybody willing to accept money to post a bunch of outright lies I don't have a shred of respect for, no matter how benign and harmless they seem.

And fortunately it will take a lot more than some right wing blogger posting as if he is liberal and spewing the garbage he does won't matter. The Republican party is still banking on the belief that voting will never be done online. Thank God for the number of people who don't get handouts or are willing to sell out and betray the trust of everyday, innocent people. Once a voting system is in place that not only encourages by allows the means so that eligible voters will register AND vote, my country and the world will no longer be for sale.

His comments were not last week, at least not saying the things you mentioned. But even if nobody had screen shots of the original content, plausible deniability doesn't excuse what the right wing media is attempting to do with the extremely well organized, unlimited budget of maintaining control.

It is not just outright fabricated "science" presented in a fashion that "Looks" legitimate, it's that it completely distorts people's perception of reality when they innocently believe propaganda.

There is nothing wrong with having an ignorant political opinion, but lying about it does in fact make it wrong, and it isn't just some idiot fake polyamorist, it is about spreading lies with intent to confuse, and confused people do very stupid things, and in general it lends to a miserable life.

It is just like real polyamory, honesty can carry people through anything when they care. Lies can destroy even the most perfect relationship as lies leave people confused and honesty enables them to understand.

Do you realize that until online voting became a reality, just how close the future of the world came to being whatever reality was dictated to The People by Businessmen who don't give a rats ass about how what the environment is like because they will always be able to afford to move to the area where is isn't ruined?

People who contribute to that side of cause, any side that is not centered in truth, ultimately damages Us all. Franklin is a manipulative prick, just like he's always been.
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