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Default $$$$

I guess I am a little odd.
I don't give a hot damn about $.
Maca has a good job in his career of choice. I am happy for him in that. But, if he lost his job and $ became an issue-it wouldn't upset me. Yes, it is nice that we are now at a point where we are actually investing in the future, not wondering what brand of ramen we can buy or what interesting conglamerations of groceries the foodbank will hand out this week.

But I didn't consider income when I decided to be with him. I could be working and if I needed to scrub toilets to feed my family, I would.

Unfortunately-the side effect is; I fucking resent his job, employer, boss (hunting buddy & friend as well) when they send him on out of town work-and don't bother to bring him home for the days he can't work (like 3 day holiday weekends).
It flat fucking pisses me off & frankly makes me want to tell him to quit.
I don't tell him that. But I FEEL like telling him that and if it were ME, I WOULD quit.
You want me to leave my family for a job-you damn well better be paying me for EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY I AM AWAY FROM THEM. Cause I am NOT wasting lost time for FREE.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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