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Default This is quite a show!!

Originally Posted by Dirtclustit View Post
So I don't feel bad about publicly calling him a prick. But I really need to let it go. Here is the link
The page that came up from that link was a US political commentary. Did it open a different page than you intended? I presumed you were going to show his hate mongering regarding UH or even the science stuff that NYCindie asked about; you know, something related to this conversation (granted, I didn't read the article thoroughly, I'm not interested in political commentary, so maybe some of this stuff was tucked in there).

I'm just throwing this out here, but wouldn't it be more appropriate to express to this *villain* how much you *despise* him ... to HIM? I imagine he'd block you before long because you sound a little obsessed about hating him, but at least you could confront this black dragon of evil directly.

At the very least, since this demon is such a point of interest for you and you feel the need to rant about him here, have you considered quoting a section and actually discussing it? As it is, you're making wild, arm flailing accusations and the rest of us either just need to improve our efforts at ignoring you or chase you around trying to figure what the hell you're even talking about.

Originally Posted by Malfunktions View Post
So scoop your panties out of your ass and untie that silly anarchist knot.
On a side note, I saw this and have to ask... what is the silly anarchist knot you are asking our friend here to untie?
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