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Default Here's the link

although it isn't really fair to trash talk him writing without him having a chance to defend or explain himself. So I really shouldn't be hypocritical and create drama. My main point was bring up how if we are not careful, we assign negative attributes to peoples relationships when they do not exist.

It doesn't matter if our intentions are good, or passive aggressive and bitter after witnessing the success of other people with something we tried, but failed. I just meant to be careful with labels, be safe, but you don't have to drill down past bone to hit a persons nerve to make sure they aren't going to turn around and blackmail you if the friendship dissolves.

It really sucks that societies have done so much to persecute non-traditional living and how adamant they are about their hate to the point where they destroy peoples lives just because the have sex with more than one person, or just because they are LGBT, or for any reason really when living their life doesn't harm anyone. Being outed against your will can have seriously negative effects of a person's live, so caution should be used among any newcomer. But when the process of "checking someone out" involves equal levels of wrong doing, it is not a good thing. The very reason people need to be so careful, is because of all the fucked up things others will do once they aren't buddy buddy with you, but the problem is only exacerbated when you wrong a person preemptively because they might have a threat.

Veaux might not have completely deserved my trash talking, but he does more than his fair share of it, only he won't do it in a straight forward way which I think is cowardly. If somethings bothering a person enough to be bitching about it, but you can't just come right out and say it, you have no right to complain. So I don't feel bad about publicly calling him a prick. But I really need to let it go. Here is the link
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