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You seem to be talking about finding others who hold similar values as you do. This spans age. Go places and do activities that put you in contact with like-minded folk. That might be a church, a BDSM munch, a political activist event, a food co-op, a bar, a volunteer cause. And the possibilities go on and on. You know what matches you.

You will find individuals who are older than you whose experience does not necessarily lend wisdom. It's sort of the question of would you ask Elizabeth Taylor for marriage advice. Perhaps the answer is yes just so you'd know what NOT to do.

You may also find younger individuals who seem to have more maturity than what society generally credits us with. I tend to think many young people act the way they do because that is what is expected of them and they do not have the fortitude to live otherwise.

Experience alone means nothing. It is the learning and application to life of values learned which matter. And as they say everyone learns at different speeds. Some are slow. Some are fast. You'll see ditzy-ness in 50 year olds and purpose and presence in 21 year olds. Age alone doesn't give an automatic wisdom value. You're 45 and so you get 100 wisdom points. Nope. Doesn't work that way.

If you want to date others who share your values on sexual behavior, you'll need to brainstorm a little where you might find those types of people. And of course being upfront about what you want in a relationship doesn't hurt. Be specific. Tell them what promiscuity means to you and what cheating means to you. Tell them the relationship model you want. That may head off many misunderstandings. Active communication = good.


Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
I think it partially depends on location. I live in an area (bc) which is very young and tend to be open to anything. My only challenge is that is I am old in a town of 20 somethings haha...WA seems to be on par with bc as well (if okcupid's profiles are anything to say about that)
That does pose a problem. Isolation. The solution for some is to start their own poly groups which connect like-minded polys or polys who have something in common. This could be age, spirituality, a particular cause or a value system, a hobby, etc. But it takes time and effort to embark on something like this and not everyone can do it.

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