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Default Poly- Lez or Bi?

I realized things were not working for my husband (of 10 years) and I about 6 months ago. I felt this "ah ha" moment of realization that I was a lesbian. A recent first relationship with a woman confirmed that yes, in fact, I feel an MUCH more intense sexual connection with women than men... like WAY more!

I broke up with this girl (my first lez relationship) about a week ago because it was too serious and I wasn't ready for that. Then I started truly grieving the end of my marriage. Although we are staying married (with 2 kids-8 and 4) our relationship will never be the same. I've been VERY emotional for the last week.

Now, I confided with my husband (who I talk VERY openly and honestly with) that I miss being intimate with him, that I don't crave him like I do women, but that I miss his touch and that I want to have sex with him again.

I feel like bad person for being so unclear with my boundaries. I want to be clear with him- for his sake, but I also want to be honest. I feel like right now, when things are new is the best time to investigate these ideas.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Ideas for coping?

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