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Ohhhh, genebean. Forgiveness is a wonderful thing but there is such a thing as being too forgiving. There is such a long history of Polypenguin being an ass toward you, treating you disrespectfully, and then you always just sit around and mope about it, wondering what to do. Then he comes here and complains that you won't give him what he wants. You always forgive him and then he disrespects you again. If you stay with him, the two of you seem destined to hurt each other. You both seem to be emotionally ill-equipped to handle your relationship. It's getting ridiculous now.

So, I ask you - how much more crappy treatment are you willing to put up with? How much is too much? When the hell are you going to get up and walk away from someone who treats you like shit? When will you actually do something about it and create a better life for yourself instead of sticking with the same loser and wondering why you're unhappy?

You can love and care about someone to the end of the universe, but an asshole is still an asshole even if you love him, and there's no reason to continue letting him treat you like dirt and cheat on you.
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