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Originally Posted by River View Post
What is sad and pathetic is that so many people are looking to be "completed" by particular relationships. Wholeness isn't identical with completeness. We're all whole in our relation with all of life, and not without it. Yet we are all in relation with all of life! -- broken and whole we are whole.
Hey River,
Although I agree pretty much in total with what you "mean" when talking about this, I think part of this is just more of the same misuse of terms without explanation.

Like you, I feel sad for anyone who REALLY - in the literal meaning of the term - feels completion comes from somewhere outside. But I don't think that vast majority of people who discuss things of this nature are attached to that literal meaning. I think it's just their way of expressing that there are certain elements they want/enjoy in their life and that it's unrealistic to find all those elements in one place/person.

Maybe another worthwhile observation in a discussion like this would be to acknowledge that it's also unhealthy/unreasonable to expect from another person that THEY develop & embrace all the same beliefs and preferences that YOU do in order to please you ! A better understanding of different perspectives - i.e. a little horizontal movement - doesn't hurt any of us. But to be expected to redesign ourselves to fit someone else's model is totally unacceptable But that doesn't mean we won't have many - even a majority of those qualities that make for a nice fit.

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