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Originally Posted by northhome View Post
Before you start making snarky remarks - do your homework. I quote from Natja:

"why triads rarely work and why lots of experienced Poly's think they are a bad, bad idea in general."

I was simply stating a fact: some people on this board have a negative perception of certain poly configurations. I'm sorry that bothers you
Don't say you're sorry. That's not necessary.

Also she says they RARELY work, not that they "won't" work, "shouldn't" work, "never" work, etc. Is this your best example, because if so, it's a pretty shitty one, seeing as how it doesn't say what you claim it does. Did you really just quote that and say it says something it doesn't say?

So big deal. You are one of the triads that "rarely" works. Good for you.

Please try to make sense, that's all i'm asking. Is that asking too much?
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