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Hi there,

I posted something similar on another link just a minute ago, but the SO and I are different on this regards.

The bf has an open relationship that is don't ask don't tell. All I want from the boys is that they are safe and let me know if they have a new partner. I am sticking with just the two of them because I am very uppity about potential STD's.

If they are keeping sexual partners to a minimum and promising me they are staying safe, I stay out of it. I really don't want to know.

The BF has one other partner that he hasn't been with in the two months we have been together. However, he is a grown man and I'm not gonna ask him to call it off, just be safe.

The SO is slightly different, I need to know a little more, because we have a son involved. He likes to know all the details that I am willing to share. It turns him on and makes him feel secure that I won't hide anything even if it might hurt.
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