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When my bf and I first started hooking up, the SO wanted every single detail. It was REALLY awkward, but it is what he needed to make himself okay, so I obliged. Now that he knows that I am willing to not hide things if he needs them for his personal comfort, he doesn't really ask me anything at all.

Last weekend we were all together for the first time. I looked up and saw the SO's face and he looked really pleased. He was just watching. That threw me off a little for a minute or two, but he did seem to truly enjoy it.

In my case, unless I am actually involved with him and a gf, I don't want details. At all. Doesn't mean I mind him doing it, just means that is not what I need on his side of our relationship. We have our ground rules regarding safety (for my body as much as for his) and I trust that he will follow them.
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