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Wink To be so young

As I read this essay on polyamory posted on I began to think (and this is just a simple and open question, any answer or thought is a good one)...with the problems we already face as acommunity in terms of like minded and available possible does being so young (25) effect MY nunbers? I mean just being poly makes it harder to find a date lol but then to be young yet mature! I've always felt a little ahead of the pack so to speak, as I start this thread all my immediate friends are out be mono and though they have issues least they have options lol!

How does this age thing effect bad do I really have it? I've never made a fuss about dating older fact I've relished in the thought at times! How many friends do YOU know that are in this lifestyle for the right reasons and aren't just trying to have their cake and eat it too, using it as an excuse to be premiscuious? Because I don't want to be associated or tied in with those types!

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