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Thanks for all the wonderful advice and thoughts. I am currently in a triad that happened without me realizing. I thought it was going to be a FWB situation while my husband and I are so far away from each other. However, my new bf and I are making each other very happy and find ourselves almost always together. The SO is happy that I am happy, and happy playing with him too! They get along so well. If they didn't, I couldn't continue with this. I am also helping the SO look for a girlfriend himself. I have someone here, he should be able to have someone there that he can share fun times with too.

I have just found that they both compliment me in completely different ways. I don't know if the bf is mono at heart or not. It is a conversation I am going to have with him next week on the way home from our trip to visit the hubby this weekend. I'm not 100% where this is going yet, but so far we have all been open and honest. To be fair, I am not sure if the bf is being honest with himself about his feelings for me. Apparently everyone we have been around (even those we are not out to) ask me what the deal is with him or say "careful, that friend of yours is really falling for you".

Honestly, I am not yet sure where this is going, I am just enjoying the ride. Even if he doesn't work out, this situation has made me realize that I have been poly almost as long as I remember. This one is just different as there is sex involved. I had a best friend for 7 years that everyone called my "second husband". It was never intimate (other than the occasional punch in the arm) but I loved him more than anything. Before that, there were others. In a way, it was never just me with my SO. I have never believed that monogamy is natural and I never believed that one person can be anothers everything.

I just want both of my boys to be happy, whatever that takes. I am secure in my relationship with my SO and want him to have all the same privileges and happiness I do.

I hope we are off to the right start.
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