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First, thank you both for the welcome! I am happy to be here. I enjoy having a community that I can connect with and go to for advice if I need it.
Mal, more face time is definitely in order, no matter what we do!

So I finally got an update from G last night.

He and S have been non-monogamous for years but their relationships with Phoenix and I are their first experience with the emotional aspect.

He said he was always comfortable with being FWB but was definitely open to the possibility of more but was feeling like the main focus was pushing for the emotional aspect of things and feeling pressured into making things happen faster than it would naturally. He said he was feeling overwhelmed and needed to step back and sort everything out in his head, which I completely understood.

I asked how he wanted to proceed and he said it was up to me. I told him that my feelings towards him were more than just FWB and that I would like to explore those feelings but if he wasn't feeling that then I could step back and cool down on the emotional side. He told me I could have any feeling I wanted but to know that they may not be returned at par at the same time.

That is something I am well aware of and have been my entire romantic life.

I am a very emotional person and I tend to fall for someone hard and fast. It scares people away sometimes and that makes it really hard on me.

I want things with G to progress so I know I need to just go into things with no expectations and try and keep my emotions cool. I also know that I can't let myself be a doormat either. I don't want to be just a FWB and if I don't find things are progressing then I will have to let it go.
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