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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
Posting just to say, I'm on the same page as monkey and indie, here.

It seems like a whole lot of exaggerated actions, for things that seems minor, or aren't as they even seem to be in your head.

Our minds are good to us like that though. Things are always more difficult to see from the centre of it all. Driving us crazy, with all the details we manage to miss.

Not to say that we could know Mono better than you do. Just that the situation is happen directly with you, that your judgement seems to have become clouded, and the emotional part of your mind has taken over from all logical functioning.
yip. All of it. The cloud will and is lifting.

I still don't have the sleep thing down. I have noticed that a large part of how I feel and cope revolves around sleep. Its made me feel hopeful and less serious about my opinion and thought process.
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