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Default My Rantings- from a primary's standpoint

Thursday May, 23 2013

So, I have been trying to re-connect with JB because I am starting to feel like her and I aren't as close since we moved in together. Weather it is the stress of moving, of worrying about her parents, both of us starting new jobs and just being pregnant has interfered with our closeness or our lack of time because of our crazy schedule I decided I needed some closeness , so a few days ago I set out to make some time for just her and I to re-connect and feel our bond that we have. Now to know JB and I is to go wow they are totally polar opposites, from our personalities to our best assets physically we are totally the opposite. She has short hair I have long, she has a great a$$ and I have the chest, I love spagettii she hates it, she is blue I am pink. It is just the way that we are so trying to connect is sometimes hard becaue things I would like done for me aren't really her cup of tea so sometimes it takes quite a bit of though in planning time together, but CM actually made it happen. He downloaded Breaking Bad and started watching it, I just so happens that I am a science nut and love the show and JB is a skateboarding nut so she loves the show. Weird how we find those things out, so with her first day at work happening this morning, last night I set out her clothes, set the alarm for early to wake up and then cuddled just her and I watching the entire season on Breaking Bad. LOL, of course I tucked her in, and she me (hehe, that has never been any kind of issue in our household !) and then off we went to bed. This morning I got up made coffee, packed her lunch and ironed her clothes. She was so happy just to have the support and the closeness that I feel we have gotten back on the same path together. I guess I am growing as a person and as a gf, because I used to think those things were just something the wife/mother did, not that it could be time used to connect and be close to someone. It was so nice to just be appreciated for the little things and to know that she feels closer that I forgot the need to be romantic and just let it happen on its own. I cant believe how lucky and honored I am to have this woman in my life who is showing me the little things in life, not the big things that my personality sees. I guess I have always been the kind of person go big or go home, a perfectionist per say, but JB is slowly but surely teaching me how to enjoy life simply.
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