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Originally Posted by FullofLove1052 View Post

How do you think JM's parents are going to handle it when she comes out? Are they aware of her pregnancy, yet, or is she waiting to tell them the happy news?

Hey there;

JB's parents are aware of the pregnancy and they are happy about being grandparents. JB didn't think that she could have children and had resigned herself to that ( Sally is her fur-child), so this is wonderful news for everyone. I am out to CM's family and most of my friends and work. JM is quite a different story, she is hardly out at all, and I don't want to seem pushy in any way, so I am just letting her do it on her own when she is ready. She is a very shy person to being with and there for it is harder for her. I am encouraging her to come out, as her parents have started to really ask questions now that we are all living together. There are two queen size beds in our room pushed together, so when they come over JM has to keep them out of our room, but there is three bedrooms in the house, Norm has one, CM, JB and I have the other, and the their is a set up as an office, so they have to have some kind of idea. Also I am always with them, and always here, so I am sure that they have a bit of an idea but to be honest I don't know how much. I know it is hard for her, so I am trying to be patient and wait and be supportive, but it is hard sometimes since I feel like I am being hidden quite often, so it is a sore spot in our relationship because I am stuck between how I feel and feeling for JB. LOL....

As for the baby in the works, we have all decided that JB and I are going to be Mommy and Mama, and CM is Daddy. So this is how the dynamic of that is going to work, though I don't know how it will work with JB's parents.? I physically can not have any more children, and CM and I have wanted a child for 3 years and have gone through one miscarriage and there for finding out I cannot have any more. Though I have two from my past, I still wanted one to make our family whole. So when JB got pregnant, I believe that it was fate intervening with what should be happening. Both of my partners believe this as well. There are times when I find it hard being the second Mama, and feeling left out with the baby, as I am sure that JB feels sometimes left out of CM and I's relationship. LOL, this is why I decided to blog because I have soooooooooo much going on in my life and all these feelings floating around, and no where to express them. My partners are sympathetic but it isn't their job to manage my emotions and feelings. And I know with my heart of hearts that this is the right decision for me, for us and our life, but navigating these emotional waters, sometimes I think we need a MD in psychology .....though when I look back I think of all the crazy things in our life and I sware we should have a comedy show LOL.
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