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I am sorry you are having so many troubles with C. Just from what you have said and the tone, I think you know what needs to be done. I know that the conversation with him will not be a pleasant one, but it needs to be had. He is unsure of what he wants, and it is spilling over into everything. If he really was that unsure of things with Molly, he would not still be involved in some type of way. How long does it take to figure out how you want a person to be involved in your life or not? I do not blame you for losing respect for him. He is basically toying with her emotions, while he plays this game that might result in losing you. Even if you do not break-up permantently, I would suggest a break. No man and no relationship are worth worrying like this, experiencing sadness, and anxiety. He should be making you happy and minimising your stress. Sending you hugs and comfort. I hope the talk goes well, but you know this has to stop.
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