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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Oh Cleo, I am so very envious of the life you lead! But most of all, I love reading about your thought processes and the inner work that you do while dealing with how you manage your relationships. Good stuff, truly, and I always learn from you.
Thank you nycindie. That was really nice to read this morning. I woke up very sad and worried. I think it looks like C and I are about to break up. Have to run now, will write more later. but it makes me feel good that my complicated thought process are read by someone across the ocean.

The more I think about relationships the more I think it's all about honesty, and being seen. If a person isn't really honest with themselves, they get confused and tangled up, and when they are, they cannot see the reality for what it is, and when that happens, they cannot see the other person as they are, and then the distancing begins.

well anyway, like I said, more later...
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