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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
I understand it fine, nycindie. That was the whole point I was trying to make, though probably not as cleanly as I could.

"Platinum" is just derived from Golden Rule just like "Silver rule" is the "negative" side of Golden Rule. It's all part of the whole Golden Rule package. But the bottom line for me? I find that as a parent, when teaching my kid that stuff, it's a whole lot easier to get to the point and teach the kid "platinum rule" kinds of words.

What does a kid know but to take things very, very literally? I have encountered some adults are that way also -- very, very literal.

So I find it saves trouble all around to just leave no room (or as little room possible) for misunderstanding.
Yes, we can all wiki and google those terms and find out that "platinum rule" and "silver rule" were made up by people who didn't understand the Golden Rule, which has been around for ages (having been derived from a Bible verse), or authors who wanted to make a buck by selling books to people who didn't understand the Golden Rule. Using those silly terms doesn't make it more clear. Yes, kids are literal creatures, but how come I and a zillion other people always knew what the Golden Rule meant? You want to be treated nicely, treat others nicely - hello! What's so complicated about that? Adding platinum, silver, copper, tin, or whatever else other rules you want just takes people further away from the nugget of its message. This is what is known as "dumbing down," and then we have people saying things like, "Why would I serve my lover eggs the way I like them instead of the way he likes them? I'll go platinum and fix the eggs his way." Eventually people just start making up and using nonsense words and terms instead of investigating the actual meanings of the ones that confuse them. That is as bad as using verbs as adjectives and adjectives as verbs, just to look clever.
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