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Thank you RainyGrlJenny! It really is a lovely place to be in.

Things with Hank are going really really well. I think we're very compatible and we have a great time together. He recently spent a week in Dream City, most nights with me. It was really nice. Also, we just decided that we're going to visit Home Country together in a month! It happens to be quite a convenient time for both of us and there's an event happening then. My mum really wants me to be there and bring along anyone I want. So he's going to see where I'm from and meet my mum and her partner, and probably some of my friends as well. I'm really looking forward to it! I'm also going to meet his parents in his home town quite soon after our trip. And then later in the summer I'm going to Hank's sister's wedding with him. Things are happening pretty fast but I'm definitely not complaining, I'm just enjoying the ride.
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