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IUDs can bring a host of problems for some. Others have no problems. Read all you can about them and discuss it with your doctor to see which one will work best for you. Some people complain of intense cramps, increased anxiety, depression, and others say it has done wonders in a positive light. No two cases are the same. Some of them can get displaced, and then, you will have the pleasure of going to your gynaecologist and undergoing an ultrasound to locate it. Ectopic pregnancy and rejection are common like with your SIL and friend. All those things need to be weighed and taken into consideration.

I had an implant put in my arm. Implanon/Nexplanon worked for me until I had it removed to conceive baby #1. #2 was conceived while I was off of it.

A vas is not such a terrible idea. Remember there is a procedure for reversal and Q had the option to store his sperm at a cryobank in case he later decides he wants to have children with you. Just throwing that idea out, too. The cost of reversal for a vas here is around 1,995, while the cost of a reversal for a tubal pushes 6,200. Easy to see why the first choice is usually the one most go with.
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