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My doctor wants me off hormones to see if my thyroid levels will increase, which means no more birth control pills. I've already mentioned that condoms are not an option, and I'm not thrilled with the idea of a cervical cap or diaphragm, mostly because they're not as effective as the pill. Unfortunately, this leaves only an IUD, which scares me. I've not been pregnant, and it's harder to put into an unexpanded uterus, I have a sister-in-law whose body just rejected it, a friend who ended up with an ectopic pregnancy, and the consensus is it tends to worsen cramps. I just don't want one.

I asked about the Nuvaring, since the hormones are metabolized differently, and the gyno wants to consult with the other doc, so I don't know. I wish they'd call me; it's been over a week.

Q mentioned a vas. I asked if he really doesn't want a kid with me. I adore Loki, but I always envisioned having a biological child someday. He said he feels like one kid is hard enough and that he's not doing a good job with the one he's got. Loki does have major behavioral issues. I don't know how much of that is us and how much is the other side of his family and how much is genetic on either side. Q is also concerned that there might be something genetic that he could pass down to another child.

I understand those concerns. I think we're good parents, most of the time, despite Loki's issues. I think another reason Q suggested a vas is that I had previously told him that I'd be okay with him and Miss M becoming fluid bonded in the future, and she has issues with hormones so won't take the pill. I think he thinks a vas is the only way he'll get to be with her without a condom. I haven't actually talked to him about this, but I will (or he'll read it here and we'll talk).

I've got dozens of friends from a stepmom forum that's specifically for women who don't have biokids of their own. I've heard from many of them that their SO doesn't want to have another kid because the first one(s) is damaged. I didn't think that would be me. I don't know that it is. I did tell Q that I don't want to do anything permanent right now.

On a lighter note, Q, Miss M and I are going to a baseball game on Friday. None of us are fans, but tickets and dinner were cheap through work and the stadium is always fun to explore. I wanted to get the three of us out and spending time together with low pressure. I think it will be fun.
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