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Haha, it sounds like an episode of Frasier -- men coming and going, only one of the owners and their family seeing you at any given time...

The day after you leave, all three of them sitting down to breakfast and the woman says, "Oh, wasn't our guest Anneintherain nice? And when I saw her husband get out of that pretty blue car, he reminded me of so-and-so --" The man says, "What? With that red hair? He didn't remind me of so-and-so at all! And the car was green!" The woman says, "Red hair? Are you nuts? He had brown hair and a beard. And I could swear the car was blue." He says, "A beard! Gee, next you'll be saying he was 6'4"!!!" The woman says, "Well, he was rather tall." Then the son pipes up, "What are you two talking about? The guy was short, blonde, had no beard, wore wire-rimmed glasses, and drove up on a Harley!" They look at him and exclaim in unison, "Glasses!!??" Confusion reigns!!!

Poly can be perfect sitcom material!
The world opens up... when you do.

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An excellent blog post on hierarchy in polyamory:

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