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Thanks Cleo, I've been glad that you seem to be coming out of some transitions yourself, I'm trying to take lessons from you and a couple other people on the forum

Now that I've admitted the less then awesome stuff going on, I can make a more positive follow up post.

About a month ago, Greg had said he'd love to meet my ex husband (as ex and I still see each other most weeks and he's an important part of my life -said ex lives somewhat close but it's not really convenient to visit) We've only been together about 4 months so I was wondering if it was too soon, but Adam and I spent a few nights in Vegas about the same time in our relationship, so I tried not to feel weird bringing it up.

Adam and I had also been trying to plan a night away, and he encouraged me to book a 3 night deal I found right by where my ex lives, he'd stay the first night, and Greg could come the next afternoon which has been a regular date day/night so far. I figured I'd stay the last night by myself, but Adam suggested I invite Brian for the third night - I felt even weirder about that since in over two years we haven't spent a night anywhere other than his place or mine, and as he and his girlfriend spend nights at local-ish places sometimes, figured since he'd never brought it up wouldn't be interested, but I let him know what was up and he said he'd be glad to do it.

Also, omg you slutty girl you!

After the unsettling stuff between Adam and I last month, for awhile I wasn't sure about how this was going to pan out, but the last couple of weeks were OK and I wasn't feeling troubled about it. We got into town to the suite - I'd thought it was just attached to a venue where they have weddings and such, but no, it was attached to the house of the owner. That's fine in and of itself but their living room window overlooked the parking slab for the place. It's the only place anywhere close to park too...

So the owner came out and introduced herself to Adam and I. We spent the day wandering around the beach, exploring some quirky stores and whatnot. We had a bit of RELATIONSHIP talk after dinner, didn't get into anything too deep, was just trying to understand some of how he's gotten to where he has since I'm still doing some processing. We stayed up really late watching horrible movies and slept soundly.

The next day - Greg arrives, and we go to take off to meet my ex, owner's husband comes out, asks if we've been enjoying the place so far *gulp* while I nervously cross my fingers his wife won't wander outside and do a double take. We have a nice visit with the ex and his fiancÚ on the relaxing porch of the beach house they're renting, and later in the evening Greg makes dinner for us, which was lovely (ok the dishes the next day wasn't a joy, but oh well

The third afternoon Brian arrived and he was sweet enough to ask how my body was holding out *blush* We managed to avoid the owners but not their son... we drove around the island, had some nice meals and watched some British comedy together. We spent a chunk of Monday together back in the city too, and managed over 24 hours in each others company.

So all in all a wonderful weekend. If my mind hadn't been so preoccupied with worrying what the owner of the place thought of the rotating car issue, I think it might be about perfect. I loved having three partners who didn't seem to have any problem with it, and it was nice to appreciate spending a solid stretch of time with each of them in succession, and to confirm that they are all quite skillful at cuddling, and nice to wake up next to.
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