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The idea of reshaping the expression of "love" from one that entails a lot of physical intimacy to one that does not is something I thought about a lot. The idea is not to deny or try to ignore that feeling but to channel it in such a way that it is acceptable and healthy for both.
For me this represents a pure form of love which does not require one specific method of communicating but one that is allowed to adapt to the realistic conditions of the relationship.

I love people such as my parents and sisters from afar in a way that feels healthy for me. I do this because it is not realistic for me to be physically closer to me. I express that love in occasional phone calls and in feeling a consistent concern for their well being whether they know it or not.That is the medium for my affection to them.

I think all relationships are established based on the medium through which that affection is conveyed. It can shift, ebb and flow depending on the varying circumstances injected by reality.

I won't lock myself into expressing the love I have for Redpepper in one specific way because to do so would create an inability to express my love if things were to change and that medium was interrupted.

Try to focus on what is real and do your best to communicate in a way that promotes that affection. Of course having the line blurred will not help you. Perhaps discussing a change in communication and behavior to keep the boundary clear is in order?

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