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S left for a few days to get some personal stuff taken care of. Shes suoopsed to coning back today. I miss her like crazy but will get to see her soon.

Me and R have bith have a new tattoo "No Matter What" next to out matching angel star tats. I managed to sit down and do both mine and his the other night. I also did the outline of 2 more of mine. I just need to fill them in. I also went and got my tongue pierced. Again. For the 3rd time. But only have 1 hole. It keeps closing up if its out more than 2 days so i figured id do it one last time. But alas no special fun on my end for 4 weeks ill manage tho.

But me R and S are all getting along quite well. Its like we hae our own support group amongst eachother. S is having issues with her previous bf. she still loves him and wants to help him out. Shes the only one he has. She says theres nothin sexual between them and i told he even if there was thats her business and me and R both told her that she is free to do as she pleases and we love her no matter what. (By love at this point we all mean as friend and confidants ) although i knowthat S and i both wouldnt want to be without the other ) R teases me that i am more excited than he is about S. i burst out laughing and said i seriously doubt it. He blushed lol. It was sweet.
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