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Default Your right

It doesn't mean:
Originally Posted by Boring Guy
"i'll make your coffee the way i like it because i'm assuming everyone likes their coffee the same way"
It means being honest with yourself and others about knowing better than to serve a cup of coffee the way you know a person doesn't like it, or even worse intentionally serve them a bad cup of coffee (from their perspective) yet pretend you are doing them a favor.

It may be funny as a joke, but when the person the joke is played on isn't aware of what is happening it isn't funny.

Like many things in life, the line that separates right from wrong behavior is honesty. Polyamory without honesty is cheating. Honesty, full disclosure and explicitly stating that a behavior or action is desired are what makes the difference between two identical situations happening, yet one scenario is right and the other is wrong.

Dishonesty is a factor that can make any political view point wrong, while honesty can make it right. If a politician backs up outright false claims with bogus research (like stating that soot from coal burning power plants is more toxic to the planet of the life it harbors then say, nuclear waste) that type of behavior is wrong. It doesn't matter if the assertion is to D.O.E. politics or just a step in a non-political, philosophical mind fuck in order to manipulate others perspective, dishonesty can make almost any right action, wrong. Honesty can make many actions taken that could be wrong, right because of the elements that honesty brings to the table.
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