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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
FTR, I don't read you as a control freak or obsessive at all. And you're allowed to ramble here, on your own damn blog! BoringGuy can be annoying sometimes, but he means well.

I had to go back and reread to remember how long your h and the gf have been a thing. Just a few weeks? But friends for 3 years.

Many of us poly people can't wrap our minds around sex with no feelings allowed, that swinger mentality. For me, the more feelings there are, the better the sex is. Sex with strangers, and keeping them at arm's length or dumping them outright when you start to become "too" fond, seems so anti-intuitive.
Yes. I think that is another one of the reasons why I haven't been taking "advantage" of having sex with other people in the last few years. I want to have that connection where I am at least infatuated with someone. That infatuation can last only one night, or longer, but it has to be there for me to be turned on by someone.
Anyway! That is in your husband's past now. Now for the first time, he's having sex with someone he cares deeply about (besides you) and he's head over heels in NRE, yet you're on bedrest and must have been having pre term labor, to not be allowed to have sex yourself?
Thankfully, I'm not on bedrest anymore. I have to take it easy, and I cannot do too much, but I can go out again, and do things. Which helps A LOT! Keeping busy myself seems to be the secret...

That sucks. You're getting a taste early of how parenting is when you're sleep deprived and touched out by baby's needs and sex is the last thing on your mind. Sleep and a decent meal, even a drink of water or 2 minutes alone on the toilet came before sex in my world when I had 3 kids in 5 years!
I'm actually looking forward right now to feeling like that because when I feel like that at least I don't have my own physical needs to battle with, in addition to the mental and emotional needs of wanting to be close in that way.

But your h now has this new gf and he's having all this FUN while you're in bed alone! Yuck! No wonder you want him and gf to come hang out! You must be lonely!
I'm doing ok. I make sure that I have something to do each day, some sort of social thing, which helps a lot.
I'm pretty introvert, so in general I enjoy being home alone, just doing whatever it is that I want to be doing.
And he works from home a lot, so although that is not nearly the same as really being together, it does help to be a little bit together.
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