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Default When life throws you lemons

Lets face it, you probably just found lemons.

Sometimes I think I'm a lemon. I have my days where someone poured sugar on me, those are the good days, and I have days where someone squeezed all the acid out of me just to make that day, LOL. You know what I mean by lemon? Like those crappy cars that were actually released to the consumer market. Kinda like every Kia that was made before 2005. It's a self-confidence thing that being an adult and having responsibilities isn't helping. I mean, I grew up glued to the ever popular "someday my prince/ss will come and save me and we'll be rich and never want for anything ever again! We'll be happy and do whatever we want!" Ok, they should stop deluding little girls with that poppycock. Well, maybe not cause its the silver lining in any Fairytale and without it then we'd just have stories about people being bad and winning right?

And moving on!

I've been getting closer and closer to someone and she really knows how to put a smile on my face. She seems to know my insecurities and can target them like an eagle sees a fish. She was having a bad day the other day so we met for dinner. We realized we like the same meals and desserts from the restaurant and even how they are prepared! Ha ha. Even tho I seemed to have a deep-seated need for "tequilas" every time I went to order "taquitos" it was a very pleasant meal. I kinda feel like I talked so much. I do that.. My superhero power is being shy but overcompensating with chat. I've always been a fan of comfortable silences but in the getting to know you stage they creep me out and I start getting hot and flushed. Lol kinda like if I was watching someone coming at me with a knife. Yes, slight exaggeration.

C is still hearing word that this woman from his past (they never really hooked up but were close friends) is asking around for him. You may remember me mentioning her. She's the nothing like me one.
She's gruff, tiny, big-mouthed, that one. He is interested in what she's asking around for. He's always admitted that she was going to regret choosing someone else and it sure seems that way.

I NEED to win the lottery soon. Or else I'm going to be a hermit living in the woods soon. But I suppose, if I'm going to win the lottery then I should prolly start buying tickets....
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