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Originally Posted by Ssandra View Post
Please, don't be sorry.

I do think it helped (among other things) to snap me out of my "oh, poor me" mode that I was in. I feel stronger, more capable and more normal again, so that is a good thing.

I appreciate that, but it doesn't excuse my breach of the "blog etiquette". I have this problem occasionally because i surf the forum with the "New Posts" button, and when it's on the ipod, i don't see the stuff way to the right (maybe i just block it out because i am in the People's Republik of Massachusetts) where it tells you the subforum. "poly and pregnant" sounded like the title of a discussion thread, and ordinarily i'm not that interested in a thread like that but i checked it because i was reading your other threads.

That said, i was only echoing the part where you the OP called yourself a control freak. It does seem that way sometimes the wording you use, but clearly if you were a control freak after all you probably would get pissed off if someone called you that.
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