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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
Indeed, River. But it WAS mentioned in the original post when the OP said that his wife was looking for something that she was not getting from their marriage. True, he did not use the word "complete" either but the notion of "incompleteness" was implicit in that description, as well as being a concept that is repeatedly touched on throughout the forum.
Well, I think it's just wrong to imagine oneself as incomplete and in need of completion by another, or by several (or dozens) of others. I also think it is just wrong to think that one is "complete". None of us are aptly described in terms of incompleteness/completeness -- that's what I think.

What is sad and pathetic is that so many people are looking to be "completed" by particular relationships. Wholeness isn't identical with completeness. We're all whole in our relation with all of life, and not without it. Yet we are all in relation with all of life! -- broken and whole we are whole.
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