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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
The "secret" is to know yourself and know when something is not "about you"...and knowing when something IS "about you"
^ Beautiful

LadySFI, if you pay attention you'll notice some similarities between the multitude of train wrecks available to peruse on this site. You will see that people are lying to each other, being possessive and controlling, and withholding critical communication. Now, run through your extensive memory banks and reflect on all of the monogamous relationships which were effortless and flourished under these conditions.

Couldn't think of any? That's because relationships between possessive, controlling, passive (aggressive) people tend to have TONS of drama and end with a bang (which is what you see on these boards). The key to any relationship is for everyone to be honest, respect each-others independence, and speak up when you feel you have something you need to share. Most people know that intuitively, even though they rarely seem to behave accordingly.
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