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In a relationship with my husband for about 20 years, monogamous for 16, poly for about 4 years now. Been with both my BF's for aboout 18 months, my husband has been with his GF for about 2 years.

I cannot imagine living another way anymore. There are lows, but there were lows in monogamy, and the highs are so much higher!

Also, I feel that poly is giving me major opportunities to grow, to become a more rounded, balanced person. My poly life has been a boost for my spiritual life, and the past 4 years have taught me so incredibly much about myself.
Dealing with letting go, jealousies, insecurities, and most importantly, learning to be brutally honest with myself about everything (and I still suck at this!)

So yeah, it's working for me. I can see myself going back to a committed monogamous relationship for a while, if circumstances made it necessary. But I do feel that non-monogamy will always find its way back into my life.
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