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Oh I totally understand this. It was the other way around for me. My husband wanted every single detail of what my boyfriend and I were doing and it made me really uncomfortable. I don't know why. Maybe it has something to do with not being allowed to have a relationship with no privacy. Maybe it was because I didn't need him fishing to find things he wasn't happy with. I never identified it, but I rarely feel awkward about things and here I felt like I was being grilled every time I got together with my bf. I did eventually just give up and start answering some of his questions. I realized it was how he was coping with the new relationship even though it made me a little uncomfortable at first. However, I made it quite clear I felt grilled for information and I didn't like it. We evolved through it, and now he doesn't ask a ton of questions. I think he needed to know that I wasn't hiding anything. I think that once he realized I was going to be completely open and honest, he felt more comfortable. Once in a while he asks a question I am still uncomfortable with. I still haven't identified why yet either.
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