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On an unrelated note, I'm about to head to bed and realized I didn't really update too much from my family being in town. Mostly the adorableness of the kids.

My niece had several interesting questions and perspectives:
Are you and Uncle Karma married?
Do you have kids? why not? I had a hard time with that one. How do you tell a 4 yr old you don't want children, but still make her feel loved and important?
She's putting familial relations together and I was told several time "Your mother..." So I asked who my mother was and she gives me this look of OMG are you that dumb? "Yaya!" Oh of course, how silly of me .
It was determined that Pixi lives in our garage (even though we don't have one ) because she's our 'customer'. Even without PDA's I'm pretty sure she put together that Pixi was a very important part of our lives. Even if she does live in the garage we don't have.
Uncle Karma is a vampire and a dragon. But when looking at Star Wars figures in a store she sought out his " 'pinion" on who everyone was.
When I got home and was looking at the pictures I took I had a moment of freak out. I've never seen my resemblance in the kids. I've been told I look very much like my mother and my niece looks a lot like her as well. I've seen their resemblance but not my own. Mostly I think she looks like my sister in law. My nephew is my brothers spitting image. Identical to how I remember him as a toddler. And to me, they both look like my father. But looking at pictures, with my nephews face right next to mine and Karma's, I realized that he could easily be ours. My sister in law even commented on it. It was odd. I go back and forth on wanting kids and turning 30 has that biological clock going crazy. Seeing how similar we look was a bit unnerving. I could easily see those blue eyes being a bit more gray like Karma's and his redish hair being a bit darker and he easily could be our son.

Overall it was a great visit. The kids amaze me with how intelligent they are. They are so well behaved, but very much have their own thoughts and express them very clearly. Even my almost 2 yr old nephew.

My family seems to really like Pixi. There have been none of the concerns that were there with previous relationships.
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