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FullofLove- I really love your direct way of writing and appreciate the advice. I joke sometimes that I'm going to make my millions by inventing perfume that smells like a computer. I've definitely walked out naked and requested his 'attention' to be ignored for the computer.

You're right, it is routine and habitual for him. Quality time has always been an issue between us. He feels that being in the same room is quality time. I need his one on one attention to have that need met. How would he feel? I doubt he'd even notice. In our multiple, years of ongoing conversation about the matter quality time is just not a thing for him. I could be wrong, but I don't ever feel like he wants/needs my one on one undivided attention.

The last year has kind of seemed like my karamatic pay back. Several years ago I had no interest in sex. It was a fight constantly. It was part of what led to our almost divorce. This last year it seems the roles have reversed. I'm the one always saying it's not happening enough.

I guess it's time for another heart to heart and hoping we actually find a way to resolve it this time.
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