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Originally Posted by pertparty369 View Post
No I don't understand a poly relationship thats why I'm here, to learn about it.
You may be disappointed by the information you find. I say this because, the same things that make a monogamous relationship shitty are the things that will make a poly relationship shitty.

Lack of personal responsibility

These are the things that will kill any relationship right out of the gate. I don't care how many people you're dating, if at least one person is behaving this way you can be sure there will be drama.

The only real distinction I would say applies to pretty much all poly relationships is that the tolerance for possessiveness is necessarily less (though only marginally so). Otherwise a poly relationship is going to work or not depending on whether or not the members are mature, loving, patient, and respecting of their partner... just like a monogamous relationship.
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