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Default North County, Central Coast, Paso Robles, CA couple

Howzit? We've been through various learning curves in Poly... Seldom become actualized... not too overly able to label. We do enjoy sharing great hospitality, honesty, on-going, companionate/sensual/erotic interludes... Mostly, we seek deeper-going friendship(s) at bottom. Both of us are Het and inclinations run to Pam (wife) as center of men's attention. We do have young adult children, so we aren't what you'd call fancy free... We do enjoy good company, conversation, camping, adventures/excursions... Aren't into the whole, casual sex scene and mentalities... Neither do we push some high-flown, spiritual deally (more, just authentic folk)... As well, we'd enjoy just mixing with.... um... like-minded souls.

We've been through the dark parts too... been a journey.
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