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I'm going to try and answer these for you and I hope they help.

ONE: A V is a type of relationship. Where one person, the hinge, has to loves but those two loves aren't in a relationship together. So, for example, I am in a V. I am a hinge. I have my husband and my boyfriend. They are not friends or lovers, but get along and are respectful of each other. As for how it was decided, I fell for BF and so started dating him. A V is how it ended up. If hubby dates then he will be the hinge of a V.

TWO: A) Personally, I find partners the same way anyone does. In life. Common interests, meet up in places, that kind of thing. I do NOT date with my husband. Personally, that makes no sense to me. Hubby and I have a lot in common but that doesn't mean that we will have feelings for the same people or they will have feelings for both of us. So if he dates, he goes out to date, when I date, I go out and date. Not together.

B) As for input, if he asks my opinion fine, if I ask his fine. Otherwise I'm not sure what you mean by input. We discuss things, we are open and honest with our communication and what is going on, but we respect each other's privacy, all three of us, and there is no asking each other should I date X or not, who do YOU think I should date kind of thing going on.

THREE: I am bisexual, though I consider myself Pansexual as I think there's more than just male and female, but hubby is not. Both hubby and boyfriend are straight men. We have similar tastes in women. The only time it has come up that I am bi and they are not is that if they want to date a woman, I give them space and don't try and date the same woman, at least not right away. It's their relationship not mine!

FOUR: Hubby and I have children, we opened our marriage after having them. I'm not sure what information you want about it. My kids are older, pre teen and teen, have been around the Queer community all their life and so it's never been much of an issue to let them in on the fact that mom has more than one love. Heck, at one time I had to explain why I could NOT marry more than one man and why I WOULD not marry a gay man! Boyfriend knows about the kids they know about him, they get along but boyfriend is a friend not another parent as my relationship with boyfriend is not like that.
Me: 40 pansexual poly.
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