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Originally Posted by sterling119 View Post
glad it is a good opps, congrats to you all. Hope all is going well for you and please keep us all updated on your progress. My wife and I have the opposite v with her having a "second husband" that lives with us. So far we are doing well although we are struggling with splitting time so it is fair for all involved. We are all old friends so that helps a lot. He and I are not involved sexually so that makes time splitting sometime a problem but we think we have it figured least for the short term. How do you split time with him? Do you have any issues between the 3 of you?

Hey there; I'm so glad to see others have similar issues. Yes we have problems with time management as well. I agree it helps, Jess is my bff so I don't mind too much, but its usually the three of us together. We still fight the green eyed monster quite a bit, especially me, even though I don't want to I find myself sometimes jealous.... So that's what I'm working on. What I have found works well is setting time for you and her, him and her, him and him (even just the boys time) and all three of you that way ur nurturing all relationships.... I know easier said then done....
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